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The Truth about Root Canals: Part I

Part 2 of the Series: When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Root canals

Between 1910 and 1920 at the Mayo Clinic, world renowned dentist, Dr. Weston Price discovered that root canals could be implicated in a number of diseases. He found that deadly anaerobic bacteria were always present in dead teeth that were anchored into the mouth via root canals. Unbelievably, after removing root canal teeth from chronically ill patients, he implanted them under the skin of rabbits. He found that the bacteria-infested tooth was actually able to transfer the human disease (which included heart attack, cancer and neurological disease) to the rabbits! In other words, the source of the original disease was very likely the anaerobic bacteria found in the root-canal tooth.

Dr. Price found that the tooth transfer caused the same diseases the donor human had in from 80 to 100 percent of the animals. Heart disease, in particular, could be transferred 100 percent of the time. (1) Considering the effects that root canal teeth were having on rabbits, it is not hard to imagine that this 20th century procedure may be one of the most important, yet well concealed causes of the heart disease epidemic of our era!


And although it might be hard to imagine, another disease which may commonly be triggered by root canals is cancer. “Dr. Josef Issels of Germany found that in his 40 years of treating "terminal" cancer patients, 97 percent of his cancer patients had root canals. He would not initiate his successful treatments until all root canals had been removed…”) (1)

Bill Henderson, author and host of the popular radio show “How to Live Cancer-Free,” has spent 25 years as a cancer-prevention advocate. He has spoken with thousands of cancer patients and doctors. He says, “Two facts have jumped out at me from those many phone calls… 1) The most common cause of all cancers is root canal-filled teeth and cavitation sites; and 2) Until a cancer patient gets rid of the root canal-filled teeth and cavitations, they don’t get well. You can take those two facts to the bank, folks.” (A cavitation is a hole in the jawbone usually where a tooth has previously been extracted and never properly healed, most often in the wisdom tooth area.) (2)

Another example: In a 5-year study involving over 300 women with breast cancer Dr. Robert Jones found that 93 percent of them had root canals. He also found that in the majority of the cases, the tumors were located on the same side of the body as the root canal or other oral pathology. (3)

With over 40 years of dental practice and in-depth research Dr. Hal Huggins had decades of experience on the effects of dental toxicity on health.

“Ask your friends. How many have root canals? How many of those friends are taking medications for some vague disease on a daily basis? Of those people treated for non–responsive diseases, perhaps as many as 90 percent have root canals [emphasis added]… (1)

“It is no coincidence that in the US root canals have been found to abound in people with Multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, Lupus, leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other autoimmune diseases. Reversal of these diseases, as shown by improvements in physical conditions as well as positive changes in blood chemistries, occur after the removal of dental toxic challenges (mercury, nickel, aluminum, root canals and cavitations)” (1)

What’s going on here?

Because a root canal tooth is dead and is deprived of healthy circulation, it becomes a breeding ground for the worst kind of anaerobic bacteria. In fact, it is impossible to completely sterilize an infected tooth, even if it is extracted, but especially while it remains in the mouth. It appears that the bacteria living without oxygen in the tiny tubules (tunnels) in the infected/dead tooth produce some of the most toxic byproducts known to man. It is the waste products that the anaerobic bacteria produce that seem to trigger many autoimmune, life threatening or chronic diseases.

Nevertheless, don’t just jump to have teeth extracted- this too must be done with great care. Find out why in the next installment in this series.

Yael Tusk, MSOM is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem. For over a decade, she has been treating patients and researching healthcare. She is also trained in designing and evaluating scientific research. Look out for her upcoming book, “Health: A Natural Approach”.


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