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Total Health Phone Consultations* 

First-time health assessment and treatment plan (up to 1 hour): $180

(Does not include the cost of herbs or other supplements or remedies)

Follow-up: Pro-rated at $180/hour (i.e. 30 minutes = $90)


In-Office Appointments:
Adult Appointment* 

First visit: 600 nis

Follow-up visits: 400 nis/hour

Pediatric Appointments* 

(Up to age 10)

First visit: 400 nis

Follow-up visit (30 minutes) :300 nis

Follow-up visits (60 minutes): 400 nis 

House Calls 

Prices vary depending on your location. 

Call or email to find out if you are eligible for a house call.

Option for a discount when treating 2 or more patients at the same home visit.

Childbirth Hypnosis CD's*
Pool: 70 nis
Beach House: 70 nis
*Prices listed on this site are not binding and are subject to change without notice
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