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All-Inclusive Phone Consultation 

Want to take advantage of our expertise remotely? We'd be happy to schedule a phone consultation for you. More info here, and please specify that you want a phone appointment when you contact us

Chinese Herbal Medicine​

After a thorough work-up and health assessment, we may offer you a Chinese herbal remedy. Usually herbal formulas are custom prescribed and tailor-made just for your constitution. We try to make it easy to take herbs. We can order you prepared formulas that you simply pour and drink. Or if you're really enthusiastic about Chinese herbs, raw herbs for decoction are a great option!


Originating in China, over 2000 years ago, acupuncture is one of the oldest healing modalities used today. It has clearly withstood the test of time. Safe and effective for most health problems.


It can be used to treat, common cold, headaches, sinus infections, circulatory, digestive, or pain problems. We use one-time-use sterile needles. Many people find acupuncture enjoyable. Or at the very least, they enjoy the health benefits!



Cupping is used in Chinese Medicine for pain conditions as well as general health problems. Using negative pressure, it can provide incredible and immediate relief for tight muscles. Because cupping can affect up to 4 inches into the body, it can also improve the health of organ systems. Its effects are especially remarkable for respiratory problems. Cupping can also draw toxins out of the body. Because of its deep effects, good hydration is important when one receives cupping therapy.

Gua Sha and Asian Bodywork (Tui Na)

Chinese massage, known as Tui Na is used primarily for musculoskeletal problems, but is also used for general health conditions, especially in babies and children. Gua Sha uses a smooth-edged tool to massage and stimulate muscular regions. It can be used for acute or chronic muscle pains and strains. Gua Sha often brings about remarkable and immediate results. 

Dietary Guidance​

When it comes to diet, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people do great on raw foods, some need mostly cooked. Some people should avoid trigger-foods, like wheat or dairy, while others tolerate them just fine. We will help you figure out your personal and unique dietary needs. We also understand that changing your diet can be stressful, and we take a gradual approach so that we can test the results without creating too much pressure upon your lifestyle.



We can try to help you figure out if anything in your life is making you unwell. We can guide you in improving your life to improve your health. Small and simple changes can make a big difference.


CranioSacral Therapy

Gentle bodywork with astounding results. Like acupuncture, gentle manipulation stimulates the body to heal itself. The power to heal is within you.

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